The Transmissionary Six "Selected Songs / 2002-2012" LP


Welcome to the page for the Transmissionary Six LP "Selected Songs / 2002-2012". The album is a ten-song LP on 180 gram red translucent vinyl. It sounds great, comes in a nice heavy jacket, and has an insert with lyrics and credits. There is also a download code inside each album that not only provides you with the album on MP3, it also unlocks five bonus tracks, two of which have never been released anywhere. Really!

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE IS FOR ORDERS SHIPPED WITHIN THE U.S ONLY. If you are in the EU, Glitterhouse Records is where the album can be had. (Why are we not handling EU orders here? Answer: because shipping cost for one album from the US to EU is USD $25.00. That is the actual cost. And we just don't you to pay more for USPS shipping than the album itself cost.)

The LP is a limited pressing of 250 copies.

The tracklist:
Side A:  Landslide /  Continental Drift /  Clay Man Down /  Infrared /  Edison Stare
Side B:  Almost Every Dog /  Zero Gravity /  Black Tin Rocket /  Top of Your Lungs /  Novanna
Bonus tracks on the download card: Yes, five! 

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We are offering the album in nice little vinyl packages.

The "Selected Songs / 2002-2012" LP
Plus a copy of Terri Moeller's self-titled, 4-song 10" vinyl EP. Sounds great, and it's in a lovely full color jacket!

The "Selected Songs / 2002-2012" LP
plus a copy of Terri Moeller's self-titled 10" vinyl 4-song EP, plus Paul's single-sided  7" vinyl 'Oscilloscape' single,  'Organismos Del Puerto'  (the b-side is completely flat! No grooves. It's really cool.)

The "Selected Songs / 2002-2012" LP
plus an actual white-label test pressing of the album, packaged in a one of a kind collage jacket made and signed to you.  Please note: we have just the one of these. When it goes, we'll take this package down.   
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that, but don't worry... we got your order, and nothing bad has happened!)
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Photos: Laurent Orseau

Photos: Laurent Orseau